PR-Evolution Dance Company in Jaszbereny

Last Thursday we were lucky enough to have PR-Evolution dance group from Budapest come and perform for us.
The four incredibly beautiful girls combined contemporary dance with classical techniques and performed several different routines, each routine accompanied by a different instrument, and with each performer wearing a different costume. The costumes were all highly relevant to the dances, for example, below is what I considered to be the toilet roll dance. In the middle, my favourite dancer is photographed depicting a giant toilet roll (right?!) whilst the others are dancing around in dresses made from the toilet roll inner tubes. My kind of fascinating!

In below's picture they all wore a different bright coloured t-shirt, which they would swap throughout the dance until they had de-shirted themselves completely and danced without being representative of a colour. Some good Michael Jackson philosophies in place there.

The music was outstanding and really heightened the emotional responses. A woman sat in the corner and took turns creating mood with an accordion, a violin, a melodica, and even used a loop pedal for some extra layered effects. Simply brilliant!

I LOVED this show and could have sat there for hours. I was in awe of their bodies and beauty and each graceful movement that was so incredibly expressive.

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