3rd week of lessons

Another week of lessons completed and all went really well.

We are still getting new students joining various classes, which is good - I guess we're starting to get pretty popular :)

We did more of the same last week but with a few more games relevant to the specific group. For example with the quieter students we wanted to encourage them to use their voices and experiment with sounds, but also be silly, go crazy, release their inhibitions. It will take a while for them to respond well, but so far so good. With the louder students we need to work on bringing them down to a more neutral energy, but most importantly we need them to focus. 

A good activity we started using last week is a quick improvisation game. We split the students into two groups and had a group each - we gave them a place, and assigned each student a character. They could think about it for a minute or so, before improvising a scene. They could talk in Hungarian, it was more an activity to show setting and characters, and the idea was that Clara had to guess where my group were and who they were, and I had to do the same for Clara's group. 
This worked well so we will continue this exercise in our 4th week.

Our lovely mentor got hold of 10 red noses for us so we can do a clown workshop this week with our university students! Yay!

Meanwhile, myself and Clara started working on creating some theatre that we hope to perform on stage around Christmas time - watch this space!