Dance show preparation

Things have been busy at the Jaszbereny International HQ! Lots of personal projects, exciting events and lessons to teach and shows to prepare! 
In June we will have an evening of showcasing some cool stuff that the students have been working on over the last few weeks.

As usual dance is lots of fun!
We have so many choreographies either complete or works-in-progress, so now I can just say a keyword (like 'circus', or 'flower') and we can work on whichever dance I feel suits the particular energy of the group at that time. This is interspersed with some dance games and general fun warm-ups like playing 'chase'. 

After a few weeks I will select a few of the best dances to be performed at the show. 

One that I know we will do is to the song 'Coco' by Pavol Stellar. The students dance as a flower, starting as a seed that slowly grows and moves according to the sun. It goes through a journey, being blown away by the wind before coming together as one big flower. Today we worked on making a flower together as a group. The result was beautiful. First they made this - 
Whilst this was great I encouraged them to find a different way to make a flower, and they came up with the following, which I thought was absolutely perfect! They then played around with the flower being closed and opening, growing and so on. Beautiful!