The Opening Show!

Last Friday ( 20th September ) was Malom Film-theatre's opening show for the season and we were blessed with the touring company 'Beregszaszi szinhaz' ( Beregszaszi is a non-translatable name and szinhaz means theatre) who are a large group of Hungarians based in Ukraine, with elaborate/traditional costumes and a huge wagon that acts as the centre-piece for the stage.
The show they dazzled the packed-out room with was called 'Liliomfi', which is a classic farce in Hungarian literature, written by Ede Szigligeti in 1849.
Liliomfi is a story with many Shakespearean themes such as love, deceit, jealousy. Now, unfortunately, I didn't understand the dialogue as I've only been in Hungary a few weeks, but I had a great time looking at the stage, the actors' costumes, expressions and movement. There was also lots of music in the show and most actors seemed to be accomplished musicians. I was so happy to see a double bass player who doubled up as a wonderful actor!